Why Choose BCL

How can BCL increase your office productivity?

Fast Turnaround Times

With one (1) centralized laboratory in Waltham, MA, we perform and report all routine assays daily and non-routine assays are to be reported within 48-72 hours. Rapid results allow for faster patient diagnosis.

Laboratory Testing Services

Having all departments in one (1) centralized location, we have eliminated travel of samples from State to State. Minimal sample travel results in faster turn around times, lower rate of laboratory accidents, and a significant decrease for patient redraws.

Electronic Results Reporting

We offer real time reporting of results to secure electronic health record (EHR) or provide secure access to your results through the web, giving unbound access to your patient results from anywhere in the world with a secure internet connection.

Personalized Customer Service

We will assign your office to a laboratory staff, an office staff and a client relations member for unparalleled customer service. We attend to all of your requests in the shortest possible time, allowing your staff to attend to other important matters, thereby increasing productivity.

With Direct Phone Line

No automated phone messages.  We will provide your office with direct phone line to the laboratory for immediate assistance.  Direct phone access results in faster resolution of your request, thus significantly decreasing time your staff allocate on the phone for laboratory related requests.

Lower Healthcare Costs

Being a local private laboratory allows us to offer significantly lower testing fees than national and hospital based laboratories. With increasing deductibles and co-insurances, lower testing fees allow patients to better manage their health without having to sacrifice their financial security.

We Are Your Local Laboratory

BCL is owned, operated and managed by scientists. Being a local private lab, we are obliged only to our clients, as we have no shareholders. We know our clients by their names and not by their account numbers as oppose to national and hospital based labs. We live and work in your neighborhood. Your patients are our neighbors.