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Introducing QuantiFERON® TB Gold PLUS

Now requiring only 1 lithium heparin tube 

  • Innovative CD8 technology 
  • 97% Specificity 
  • 94% Sensitivity 
  • Significantly less “indeterminate” result. 
  • Single lithium heparin “green” tube is all you need! 
  • Longer shelf life. 
  • Lower price

Boston Clinical Laboratories, Inc. (BCL) is happy to introduce the addition of QuantiFERON® TB Gold PLUS to our in-house performed testing.  As of Monday October 1st, 2018, BCL performs all QuantiFERON® TB Gold PLUS assays in-house, allowing for faster turnaround time and lower price.   With CDC now requiring interferon gamma release assay (IGFA) for all immigration TB testing, this assay is best in industry.

We strive to better serve you and your patients.  Should you have any questions or comments, please call at 781-893-1995.


Here is a comprehensive look at QuantiFERON® TB Gold PLUS

  • Innovative CD8 technology: QuantiFERON® TB Gold PLUS is optimized with tuberculosis (TB) specific antigens that produce both CD4 and CD8 cell response- enabling a more comprehensive cell mediated immune response to TB infection.
  • Higher specificity and sensitivity make for less indeterminate and less false positive results, therefore decreasing the need for chest X-rays and additional costs to provider and patient.
  • Significantly less “indeterminate” result reduces the number of re-draws necessary. This allows for a better patient experience.
  • Single lithium heparin “green” tube is all you need. The new QuantiFERON® TB Gold PLUS assay now can be drawn in 1 full lithium heparin tube, making for a much better and faster patient experience, especially for the pediatric and geriatric population.
  • QuantiFERON® TB Gold PLUS has a much longer shelf life, allowing for a more stable transport from your office to our laboratory, thereby decreasing sample errors and re-draws.
  • The scalable laboratory technology allows for faster turnaround and lower cost. Lower cost for the lab translates to lower cost for our patients and clients.